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Kelowna Traffic Control Services

Equipment Rentals, Sales & Traffic Control Setup

Portable traffic barricade, cone & sign rentals with setup. Speed bump sales & rentals. Temporary Traffic Control devices where TCP's may not need to be present.

Traffic Control Personnel (TCP) & Automated Flagging Devices

A traffic flagger is a trained professional who directs traffic through a changing traffic pattern or a temporary traffic control situation. They use flags, hand signals, and AFAD’s to guide drivers safely.

Lane Closure Truck with Impact Attenuator (TMA)

During a lane closure the attenuator truck is designed to absorb the impact of a vehicle that may enter a work zone. The TMA is positioned to warn approaching motorists of the lane closure ahead.

Traffic Management Planning & Consultations

Traffic control planning is designing strategies to mitigate hazards & minimize disruptions to traffic. Planning process involves analyzing traffic patterns, identifying, hazards & implementing strategies.

Standby Emergency Medical Transport

Having Emergency medical transport on standby at a traffic controlled work site is required when working more than 20 minutes from the nearest hospital.

Road Patrols & Checkpoints

Monitor highway conditions, private roads & work zones for conditions. Checkpoints can be set up using IdentiVisor to ensure only residents, emergency services & legitimate contractors access areas threatened by natural disasters.
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At Keloka Traffic Management, we have adopted Ken Blanchard’s Legendary Service philosophy. That means we consistently deliver exceptional services that turn our customers into fans. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to safety and mitigating risks to all stakeholders way before the job begins and far beyond expectations.

Temporary traffic light used for a scheduled traffic control
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Traffic Management

Scheduled traffic management entails changes to traffic flow that are needed for predetermined events that impact roadways and sidewalks. The events needing these traffic control changes are usually temporary, and they are used to guarantee that vehicles and pedestrians can safely travel along roads, crossings, and other areas that have been effected.
This kind of traffic management is pre-planned and is often needed when construction work is being done to or around roadways. Scheduled control management methods may use barricades, traffic lights, signage, lane closures, and traffic control personnel to mitigate hazards.

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Traffic Management

Emergency traffic management involves the immediate control of traffic flow in response to unforeseen events or situations. Accidents, road closures brought on by natural disasters, and unexpected events could call for emergency traffic control. Roadblocks, detours, checkpoints, and other strategies may be needed for emergency traffic control to divert vehicles away from the impacted area.

Keloka Traffic Management has on-call, 24-hour support available. Keloka Traffic is able to rapidly respond to emergent traffic management situations and collaborate closely with emergency services, including the police and fire departments.

Attenuator truck deployed to close a lane after a traffic accident

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