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What are traffic control personnel?

In the traffic control industry, Traffic Control Personnel (TCP) are individuals responsible for managing and directing traffic flow in various settings such as construction zones, special events, accidents, or any situation where normal traffic patterns are disrupted. Their primary role is to ensure the safety of both motorists and construction workers by implementing appropriate traffic control measures.

Person sets up a temporary lane closure on a road near Kelowna BC

What are the responsibilities of Traffic Flaggers?

Setting up Traffic Control Devices: TCPs are often responsible for installing temporary traffic signs, cones, barricades, and other equipment to guide motorists safely through work zones or detours.

Directing Traffic: TCPs direct the flow of traffic using hand signals, flags, or lighted wands. They may also operate temporary traffic signals or stop/slow paddles to regulate traffic flow.

Communicating with Drivers: TCPs communicate with drivers to provide instructions, warnings, or information about changes in traffic patterns or road conditions.

Ensuring Safety: TCPs must be vigilant in identifying potential hazards and taking appropriate action to mitigate risks. This includes monitoring traffic flow, identifying unsafe driving behavior, and responding to emergencies.

Coordinating with Other Workers: TCPs often work closely with other personnel such as construction workers, law enforcement officers, and emergency responders to ensure effective traffic management and safety protocols are in place.

Maintaining Work Zone Safety: TCPs enforce safety regulations within work zones to protect both workers and motorists. This may involve enforcing speed limits, preventing unauthorized access to work areas, and ensuring proper placement of traffic control devices.

Do traffic control personnel require certification in BC, Canada?

In British Columbia, Canada, traffic control personnel typically require certification to work in the traffic control industry. The certification process ensures that individuals have received proper training and have the necessary skills to safely manage traffic in various situations, including construction zones, special events, and emergencies.

The certification process may vary depending on the specific requirements set by regulatory authorities or industry organisations in British Columbia. Generally, certification involves completing a training program offered by a recognized training provider. These programmes typically cover topics such as traffic control techniques, safety procedures, communication skills, and relevant regulations and laws.

Once the training programme is successfully completed, individuals may need to pass an examination to demonstrate their understanding of the material and their ability to perform traffic control duties effectively. Upon passing the exam, they receive a certification or qualification card indicating their eligibility to work as traffic control personnel.

It’s essential for traffic control personnel to obtain and maintain certification to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties safely and effectively while helping to maintain the smooth flow of traffic and ensuring the safety of both workers and motorists.

Traffic flagger hold "slow" sign to manage traffic around road construction work

Traffic Flagging Services from Keloka Traffic Management

Keloka Traffic Management offers traffic control services in British Columbia, Canada, specialising in flagging duties for various scenarios, such as construction zones and special events. Their experienced team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently manage traffic flow, direct vehicles using hand signals and flags, and ensure the safety of both motorists and workers. With a focus on effective communication and adherence to safety protocols, Keloka Traffic Management is a reliable flagging company that is an ideal choice for upcoming traffic flagging work, contact Keloka Traffic to ensuring smooth traffic flow and minimising disruptions.

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