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Traffic Control Setup Service

In Kelowna, the bustling landscape of urban development and event management, ensuring the seamless flow of traffic is paramount. Whether it’s the launch of a festival, the revamp of city infrastructure, or the swift response to environmental emergencies, temporary traffic control setup services play a pivotal role in orchestrating smooth transitions. Keloka Traffic Management is the trusted name in British Columbia’s traffic control industry, offering expertise in implementing temporary traffic control plans with precision and safety.

Person sets up a temporary lane closure on a road near Kelowna BC

Legendary Setup & Take Down Service

Keloka Traffic Management provides a comprehensive solution for temporary traffic control setup, catering to diverse scenarios such as construction projects, special events, and emergency situations. This client-focused service encompasses the meticulous placement of temporary traffic control devices, including cones, barriers, signs, signals, and Traffic Control Personnel (TCP). What sets Keloka apart is their unwavering commitment to legendary service and adhering to British Colombia’s local regulations and rigorous safety standards. Operating this way is how Keloka Traffic ensures every setup is executed with the utmost compliance and proficiency.

Construction Work Zone Setup

Construction zones are dynamic environments with potential hazards. Keloka’s expertise in temporary traffic control setup ensures that construction projects proceed seamlessly, providing protection to work crews with minimal disruption to the flow of traffic. From lane closures to detours, the team at Keloka strategically deploys traffic control devices to guide motorists safely through the evolving landscape. With a keen understanding of construction timelines and traffic patterns, Keloka Traffic Management minimises congestion and maximises safety for both workers and commuters.

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Special Events

Kelowna’s vibrant community thrives on special events that bring people together and create excitement in the community. Whether it’s the spring Okanagan wine festival, the Kelowna wine country half marathon, or the Rock the Lake festival, Keloka Traffic Management ensures that the festivities remain enjoyable for all participants. By meticulously planning and implementing temporary traffic control measures, they create designated routes, parking areas, and pedestrian zones, optimising traffic flow and enhancing the overall event experience with the increased event traffic. From setup to teardown, Keloka’s seamless execution keeps the celebration in motion.

Emergency 24 Hour Response

In times of crisis, every second counts. Keloka Traffic Management’s 24-hour emergency service responds quickly to emergency situations, establishing temporary traffic controls to ensure the safe passage of emergency vehicles and personnel. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a road closure, or a serious vehicle collision, the team creates a safe temporary traffic control change to establish clear pathways and detours, allowing access and protection for first responders and passersby. With precision and efficiency, Keloka navigates through chaos, prioritising safety and facilitating swift resolution.

Construction barrier setup in Kelowna
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Legendary Service for Safeguarding Movement

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban dynamics, temporary traffic control setup services provided by Keloka Traffic Management stand as a beacon of reliability and innovation. From construction sites to community celebrations, from emergencies to everyday transitions, Keloka’s expertise ensures that every journey is smooth, safe, and seamless. With a steadfast commitment to compliance and safety, Keloka paves the way for progress, pioneering change while safeguarding the fluidity of movement in Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan Valley. 

24 Hour Emergency Service